10 Tips For A Cheap Travel

Many of us including myself have always dreamt of traveling to places around the world we love. The number one thing that seems to be holding us back from making this dream a reality is Money. I promised in one of my blog post, to make a post on this topic. After a lot of research I made on this topic, am here to fulfill that promise of mine.
I hope this post helps us all to overcome this major traveling problem. Below are 10 tips for a cheap travel.
Travel off season: Some popular places gets high amount of visitors/tourist during a certain period of the year. Like Hawaii in summer. Due to the much visitors flooding the place, the price of flight, accommodation and other expenses tends to go up during that particular period. You can go there in off-peak time when all travel expenses are cheap and the place is less crowded. By doing this, you may save double of what would have paid during that season.
Pick a destination around home: We all dream of traveling overseas but sadly enough …

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I was to post this before posting about The Bahamas

I will posting on some cool destinations that are great tourist attraction. The first destination is The Bahamas which I have already talked on yesterday and I hope you enjoyed the post. The next destination will be Hawaii. I hope you enjoy all my posts.

The Mother City-Cape Town

Hello Reader! On this post, i will be telling you why CapeTown is a wonderful vacation site for all kinds of  travellers. Am sure most of you must have heard of Table Mountain, which happens to be one of Cape Town's landmark in South Africa. Let me talk more on CapeTown.

     Also known as the Mother City of South Africa, CapeTown is located on the southwestern tip of the African continent. CapeTown stands as a glittering metropolis blessed with one world's most breathtaking natural landscape. The city is famous for its habour, for its natural setting in the Cape Floristic region, as well as for such well known landmarks as Table Mountain and Cape Point.

Some Popular Tourist sites  in CapeTown

Table Mountain

It is an icon of the city. You will get an amazing view of the city from the top of this mountain. To get to the top, you have to take a cable car.

Lion's Head

Table Mountain's little sister. If you are searching for an adventure, you can hike up Lion's Head. It…

Traveling the world

Traveling has to do more than just  visiting places.  I've always imagined how wonderful it will be to watch volcanoes erupt in Hawaii, see the statue of liberty in New York, eat in an underwater restaurant in Maldives, hike up Table Mountain and do many things during travel.
    When you travel, you explore new locations, get to know new people, discover wonderful facts about a place, learn new cultures, have a taste of new cuisine and to sum it up, it increases your knowledge of the world.
    With this little information I passed on to you, why not take a look at the world map and pick a destination you will love to travel to and start planning your trip to that place. Note: Make sure the trip expenses is within your budget. If it's not, you can start saving from today or you choose another place that is within your budget. Later I will make a post on tips for a cheap travel.    Thanks for reading. Pass on these information by sharing to friends.

My Travel Story

Hello guys! This post is about how I came to love the idea of travelling.            I remember back in the days when I was still in high school, my geography teacher pinned a big map of the world on a board in geography class. She showed us some countries on the map and told us things about the countries. I so much loved the class that I had to buy an atlas that same day to look up places on the atlas. Most times, when I read through my atlas, I imagine myself in a certain country in the world. I started dreaming of traveling to different countries in the world. My favorite countries were South Africa(because of Table mountain), Brazil( because of their carnivals and beaches), America( who doesn't like America) and Dubai( because it sprang out from nowhere and become a popular place in the world).
         I grew up in a home where going on vacation trips was not a thing. During the holidays, if we were to take a vacation, it will be to my daddy's hometown or villa…